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Da oggi inizia english version, un report – in lingua inglese – dei post della settimana. Speriamo di riuscire nell’impresa!

opinion of EFSA on Dietetic Products for person with gluten intolerance, on a request related to a notification on wheat-based maltodextrins, syrup of glucose and the alcohol distilled from cereals. It’s stated that the components based on wheat starch are not likely to trigger adverse reactions. This statement is based on the description of the manufacturing process which includes protein removal by active carbon treatment. The evidence of non-allergenicity allows to include all products in the gluten-free diet.

– a new and useful guide of Unione dei Commercianti di Prato (Toscana). In these guide old people and tourists will can find a list of exercises that they will remain opened during the summery period. From this year has been inserted new activity – all restaurants or hotels or B&B or pizzerie that belong to the network of Associazione Italiana Celiachia. You can find it here.

vodka, whisky, gin and other superalcoholic ones newly are admitted to the consumption. Alcoholic drinks added of aromas and other substances and the beer remain prohibited. All this comes justified supporting that the working process is such to guarantee the gluten absence also in the products not allowed to the celiac person.

Bennet offers some products gluten free. At the moment in Italy, 15 products are available by Pauly and DS Food. You can find pasta, wafer with chocolate, cracker and bread while in deep freeze there are Lasagne, Rosette, Pizza Margherita and IceCream Cones.

– an articleon The New York Times speaks about celiac disease.

– a biopsy of the intestine (before beginning a gluten free diet) is needed to make a final diagnosis (1). Before the diagnostic protocol of the ESPGHAN previewed three internal biospy. Today the protocol advices a single endoscopy with biopsy that allows to exceed the limits of the serologic testing, concur a differential diagnosis them in the cases of minimal lesions of intestinal mucosa, develop internatinal criteria for the classification of mucosal damage and at last is useful in order to decide the dietetic and therapeutic iter and the follow up in the subjects genetically predisposed.

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